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Summer Law School Fees


If you decided to attend Summer Law School Olomouc, we're offering you two price options.

The first price option is a little pricier, but it outweighs the full service during the event. And by full service we mean this - accommodation in fancy hotel Arigone, which is located in historical centre of Olomouc, with amazing breakfasts. Moreover in this option we’re offering every daily diverse lunch menu with coffee breaks. All of this will be served at Faculty of Law, where will be held most of the academical programme. Further there will be prepared for you warm dinner at hotel Arigone every night, where you’d be staying. In the price is of course included academical programme, which we’re still preparing because we want it to be the best and most interesting.  We also can’t forget varied social programme, which is prepared for you for every day as you could already read on our website. In this price is also included transportation in Olomouc. This option, allowing you to get the amount offered above is worth 700 EURO NEW SPECIAL PRICE - 595 EURO (application deadline for action fee - 10th June 2017)

The second option is cheaper, but it doesn’t include accommodation and breakfast, costs 420 EURO NEW SPECIAL PRICE - 360 EURO (application deadline for action fee - 10th June 2017). Of course the decision is on you, but we’re highly recommending to you the option with accommodation, because it has many benefits. One of the biggest advantages is that we’ll be with you almost all the time. All of the participants, who choose the pricier option will be staying in the same hotel as we will, so our OC team will be always available. If we’ll all go to the event of our social programme, we’ll go from hotel Arigone. And also from all evenings in pubs or night parties in the clubs, we can go back together if you will stay with us. Another advantage is definitely that every morning there will be prepared for you delightful breakfast. Regarding to the dinners, they are included in both options. But most of the dinners will be served at hotel Arigone, which means that if you want to arrange your own accommodation you should be prepared for tedious walks from one place to another. And we think that there is better and more pleasant way, how to use that time. It is important to point out that the hotel Arigone offers a great service that will complemented by friendly staff that is ready to fulfill your wishes, which would be a pity not to use it. But as we wrote above, the decision is up to you and we will be glad if you’ll attend Summer Law School Olomouc, whether option you choose! We look forward to you!


*discounts cannot be cumulated with other