Olomouc - "University city"

Olomouc is a beautiful city full of far-reaching parks, cafés, pubs and students. If you will walk through Olomouc you can spot many historical and architectural gems which is not a coincidence because in the past Olomouc was the place, where many significant events took place and even in these days it is called a historical centre of Moravia.
Olomouc has an area of 10 366 ha and lives there about 100 000 inhabitants which makes it 6. most populated city in the Czech Republic. It’s statutory city, centre of Olomouc region and centre of Haná. Also it’s the biggest city laying on river Morava.

Historical centre of Olomouc is a conservation area which is the second most significant in the Czech Republic after the one in Prague. Among the most important monuments are Holy Trinity Column, St. Wenceslas Cathedral or Archiepiscopal palace, Town hall with astronomical clock situated in Upper Square (Horní náměstí), Hradisko Cathedral and many more. Holy Trinity Column is on the UNESCO list and was built in 1740. St. Wenceslas Cathedral is one of the biggest significant places in Olomouc. Because of its height you can see it from every spot in historical centre. Another interesting fact is that there is a tomb of Czech king Wenceslas III., who was killed in 1306 in Olomouc. Another important monument is the Archiepiscopal palace, which is residence of the Archbishop. The Bishopric in Olomouc was founded in 1063 and in 1777 was prompt to the Archbishopric. You’ll see a part of the Archiepiscopal palace because there will be held closing Gala Ball. Also you’ll see most of the significant sights during sightseeing tour through Olomouc with our team.

Olomouc is rightfully called university city. University of Palacký in Olomouc is the second oldest university in the Czech Republic. In these days it has 8 faculties, where study approximately 22 000 students. University of Palacký, according to international ranking, is one of the best ranked czech universities and it’s doing pretty well amid foreign universities too. Olomouc lives by its students, for which are organised many events during academical year.

In Olomouc it’s not just about history or university, but also about sports. Currently the number one sport is ice hockey, because Olomouc hockey club plays top Czech hockey league. During summer, hockey players change ice skates for inline skates and in Olomouc is held Czech contest in inline hockey. Also there is quite big football club SK Sigma Olomouc. But we shouldn't forget further sports clubs, like athletic club, basketball club, volleyball club or rowing club and many others. Surely if any participant of Summer Law School likes jogging, we highly recommend you to go to Bezruč park, which is nearby Arigone hotel and so beautiful in summer.

Olomouc is also interesting for many eminent institutions situated here. One of them is High Court or Supreme public prosecutor. An important institution in the field of medicine is the seat of the Czech Medical Chamber.

In case you want to go for culture in Olomouc there are plenty of theatres, museums and galleries. It is worth mentioning the Moravian theatre Olomouc and Moravian philharmonic, which organizes international music festival Olomoucké hudební jaro and International organ festival. Among museums it’s important to mention Vlastivědné museum (Ethnographic museum) or The Museum of Modern Art. Another important place is Pevnost poznání (“Fortress of knowledge”), which is a museum of science popularization under the auspices of the Science Faculty of Palacký University.

We’ll go check out this place, because there will take place our National evening. Major events held in Olomouc are for example Academia Film Olomouc - International Documentary Film Festival, Olomouc Beerfest - the biggest Czech beer festival or Flora Theatre - one of the largest Czech theater festivals.

In the first paragraph, we’re mentioning cafés and pubs. Our team will make sure to show you all of the important places for students and how students life looks like in Olomouc and have time of your life there. That’s all for now about Olomouc. We hope that lured you to Olomouc, so you can see all of its glory with your own eyes.